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Health is wealth! We have all heard this truthful expression many times. Medical research and the new drugs the pharmaceutical companies produce seem to be getting better and stronger but germs and viruses are adapting and constantly evolving all the time to combat the new drugs. Many people ask “how can the drugs my doctor gives me be dangerous to my families health?”. There is no definitive answer to this question but studies have shown that prescription drugs should only be taken when there is absolutely no other option.

In fact, prescription drugs can do more damage to your health than the virus its trying to beat. For many diseases there are natural antibiotics that work as good as drugs with no side-effects or long lasting danger to our bodies. While the use of antibiotics has clearly saved many lives, in recent years their overuse and misuse has taken a tremendous toll on the health of people everywhere, contributing to the creation of the now – infamous SuperBug.

Natural Antibiotics and Family healthNatural antibiotics have been used for centuries and are safer for our bodies than prescription drugs and other man-made treatments. As more people become aware of the dangers associated with taking prescription drugs and the future risks they bring to our health, many are looking for natural and safe solutions for themselves and their families.

Antibiotics have been over prescribed needlessly to many people. The overusage of prescribed drugs brings many dangers, allowing germs and viruses to become more resistant and “outwit” modern science. There are many natural antibiotics available such as olive leaf extract, tee tree oil and garlic supplements,in fact most people have some type of natural antibiotic already in their house.

With excellent natural remedies now available to combat illnesses and improve our overall health, many people are making the switch. Try natural antibiotics and reduce future health risks.

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